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Help Guide

All of the assessments are out of 30. 


What happens if someone I am working with gets less than 20 questions correct?

  • The learner could benefit from learning support within that topic of assessment.

What happens if the learner gets more than 20 questions correct?

  • It is recommended to review the questions the learner had difficulties with (results will show which questions were answered incorrectly); determine if the learner knew but made accidental errors, or there may be just a few concepts the learner could benefit from learning support with. 

  • Or the learner may not need any support with learning in that area. If there is another level, or a different concept in a core area of learning the learner is interested in improving, they can try another assessment to see where they land. 

Where do the assessment results go?

  • Assessment results are securely stored within FALP and will only be shared with the email address that is provided by yourself or the learner on the assessment form.

What if a learner starts an assessment but does not complete it? 

  • It may be an indication that the learner could use a lot of support with that topic; however it is important to speak with the learner about the reasons why they attempted it and didn't complete in order to know for sure (it's possible that it's not the concepts, but it could be a language barrier or digital skills barrier).

How do I use the results of the assessments to create a learning plan for my learner? 

  • The assessments are a tool; it is up to the practitioner, instructor, or tutor to be able to take their experience with the individual plus the results of the assessment(s) to determine an effective learning plan that is learner focused.

  • A strength based approach is recommended - what on the assessment results was the learner successful with? Celebrate the wins. Then identify the questions/concepts/areas that the learner answered incorrectly - what could the learner benefit from focusing on in order to take another step towards their learning goals?

What if I know someone else that works in adult learning programs, that I think could use these assessments? 

  • Feel free to share the website with anyone you think it may be helpful to; the website and assessments are free for anyone to use. 

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