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Literacy Skills Assessments

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Focus: language, reading, writing and communication skills.

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These assessments aim to identify previous knowledge and experience in different areas of literacy skills.  The assessments will help determine skills you are strong in and which skills you could benefit from working on. 


See assessments currently available below:

Phonemes and Phonics

  • Language basics

  • Units of sounds (phonemes)

    • matching, isolation, blending, addition, manipulation, deletion

  • Correlating sounds with letter or groups of letters (phonics)

    • Words and word families

    • Rhymes 

    • Syllable blending, dividing into parts

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Sight Words

  • Recognizing common words 

    • Also known as high-frequency words;

    • Words that appear frequently in everyday life​

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  • Matching images with the correct word, with correct spelling

  • Word definitions and meanings

  • Synonyms (meaning: words that mean the same)

  • Antonyms (meaning: words that mean the opposite)

  • Homonyms (meaning: words that are spelled and sound the same but have different meanings)

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in Sentences 

  • Cloze sentences (filling in the blanks with the correct vocabulary word):

    • Context clues and making inferences (meaning: knowing words or making logical guesses based on the surrounding words in the sentences)

    • Grammar knowledge and sentence reading comprehension

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Level 1 Reading Comprehension

  • ​Understanding written text

    • Recognizing words and their meanings

    • Identifying pieces of information 

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Level 2 Reading Comprehension

  • Understanding inferences

    • Knowing the meaning and identifying pieces of information that aren't always obvious or directly stated in the text

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Level 3 Reading Comprehension

  • Understanding and evaluating a text

    • Understanding implied and deeper meanings 

    • Connecting to the text personally

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Reading Fluency

  • Accuracy

  • Rate 

  • Pace

  • Smoothness

  • Volume

  • Phrasing

  • Expression

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